96127, 96110, or 99420?

There are a variety of screening instruments for development, behavior, and other health risk assessments. What is the proper code to use for which instrument?

Developmental assessment Behavioral assessment Health risk assessment
96110 96127 99420
  • Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)
  • M-CHAT
  • Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)
  • Vanderbilt ADHD forms
  • Conners Rating Scale
  • Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED)
  • Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screen (EPDS)
  • Standardized Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT)
  • Asthma Control Test (ACT)

Private Payer Advocacy (PPAAC) National Carrier Contacts

The AAP has nurtured primary contacts with the largest private health plan carriers and each PPAAC member is assigned to specific carriers as a resource to assist AAP members having issues with the carrier.

  • Aetna: Gene Hershorin, MD, FAAP: EHershorin@med.miami.edu
  • Anthem: Mark Hudak, MD, FAAP:  mhudak@aap.net
  • CIGNA: Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP: skressly@kresslypediatrics.com
  • Humana: Gail Schonfeld, MD, FAAP: gschonfeld@eastendpediatricspc.com
  • United Healthcare: Richard Lander, MD, FAAP: familylander@aol.com & Chip Harbaugh, MD, FAAP: charbaugh@1stphysiciansresource.com
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association plans: Betsy Peterson, MD, FAAP: felixwesley1998@gmail.com
  • Medical specialty and surgical specialty issues: Mary Brandt, MD, FAAP : mbrandt@aap.org